jueves, 2 de enero de 2014

Commission: Kim Possible: Kim's Wardrobe Malfunction

Hey guys,

this is a commission for IronBloodAika who wanted a pic of Kim Possible. If you remember when Ron was using the grappling hook  it somehow gets caught with his pants leaving him in his underwear so this time Kim's the one that gets it but not just her pants but her entire clothes, leaving her just bra, panties and boots lol.

I think everyone wanted to see this scene when it happen to Ron but never happened....till now lol.


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  2. Eres más que bienvenida y le doy las gracias por el reconocimiento a través de en otro lugar donde la gente me conoce. Ni más se necesita. ;)

    1. Just letting you know i'm not a girl but a guy and no prob.

    2. Sorry about that.Google translate put it into the feminine case. I was just trying to compliment you using your own primary language. Sorta backfired on me there didn't it.

  3. Love it!

    Now if only it'd snatched her underwear too... ;-)

  4. It happened way too much to Ron. Very nice balancing of the scales.

  5. Was Kim Possible some anime, that would happen more often :-)
    Great piece!