domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2013

Desiree Alt. Version, Vicky and Trixie Naked and Princess Mandie

Hey guys,

Here are the alt. versions of 3 recent works i posted on DA.

1. Desiree Human form:
This is actually the original commission i got ask where
theCHRISTOPHER wanted Desiree doing something sexy in her human form.

2.Vicky and Trixie Naked(really naked version):

Now here it's something that could have happen if Cosmo had done it to Vicky and Trixie then Crocker and Francis. Commission done for BlueDragonKaiser

3. Princess Mandie Transporter Mishap.

Here's a version where Mandie gets her entire clothes in the other side of the transporter, there's one with the boots and the other without them. Commission done for thunderfoxjt

4 comentarios:

  1. Loving that Princess Mandie gal ~<3

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