sábado, 6 de julio de 2013

Total Drama: Bikini Mishap with Alt. Versions

Hey guys. This is a Commission done for Renegado323 who wanted to see the characters of Total Drama (Courtney, Heather, Lindsay and Izzy) where the last 3 are making fun of Izzy because she lost her swimsuit outfit like the last time except she lose the entire swimsuit. They wanted to humiliated her more by getting their cameras without realizing they are naked till Izzy Tells and as you see at the final scene they are embarrassed.

Ah funny thing on this commission, Renegado323 Liked the preview of the pic except he wanted both Heather and Courtney to show everything without covering, so if you the first 3 pics you see Heather and Courtney not covered which i really like how it turned out, especially with Courtney, i do feel how she's feeling a bit silly and humiliated on what's happening. Now i liked the alt. versions too so i also colored them for fun and came out great.

Hope you enjoy each pic :).

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