jueves, 1 de noviembre de 2012

Big Butt Charmcaster

Hey guys, just like Nami here's Charmcaster showing her big naked tush XD. I thought it would be funny to add a new dialog since i know most girls get cranky that some say their butts are big.

Enjoy Charmcaster's junk in the trunk and hope everyone had a nice Halloween :D

3 comentarios:

  1. Mother of god!! that is a outstanding way to finish this series and I am honestly drooling :drool: to such awesome posture, theme and a insane ass on Charmcaster body! almost unbelievable indeed.:omfg:

    Her expression is what I expected from her, I love to see her angry and evil, feeling that make her even more attractive as a vilan should be:love:. great pink eyes and nice thick lips ( I love it). her gray hair is good to see as always. :D

    her outfit is minimun but I like to see this purple stocking ( to highlight those thick legs) and nice star shaped breast cover.

    Her body is without equal and I like to highlight this:

    :bulletred: the angle of her body is great, this make Charmcaster much more curvier that she seems, make her breast has a great shape naturally and make the vision of her paint clear, funny and sexy:excited:. This is a posture that I would love to see in my commissions as well.=p

    :bulletred: both her back and breast are great, this angle make it got a sweet water drop shape(great shape and nipples:drool:) that is something amazing to see on a woman. also related to that I like that you give to her a good color skin, make her body a bit more dense as well ( something that you can see on her breast highlight;)).

    :bulletred: My God, this time you break all my expectation and bring the most insane combination of thick legs and ass that a ass-holic like me wants to see: her legs are thick and large, perfect to her base. Her ass is freaking unbelievable, with a outstanding size ;p(considering her angle/posture), amazing shape =p( its impossible to not look to this:wow:) and a sure delicious paint over it :icondatass:. her buttstocks position just enlarge it even more to my own surprise.:horny:

    And this version is even better! Without the paint her butt become clear and even more freaking huge/sexy!!!! I cant take my eyes for such bubble ass. o.0

    and the text change has been a very clever change as well. ;p

    So this is by far my new preferred and totally badass fanart from her.:headbang:

    great shading, this sure make her legs thick and her breast more nice to see.:nod:

    Again I dont has enough words to describe how much I love her and like to see in your style. Once more Charmcaster is perfect to finish with gold key this series and I really thanks for such amazing picture. Great job my friend.:#1:

    p.s: A question my friend that maybe you can answer it: Why Girls ( mostly from USA or europe) Dont like to has a big ass or be refered to have a serious junk in the trunk? XD this is something that I never understand so far....

    Here on most Latin America and Brazil, thick/large Ass and legs is a very beautiful female characteristic and they are very appreciated as well. in fact this a good compliment as well. =p

    I could wish that every girl has such junk in the trunk. at last I am trying to put this is my OC for a more Brazilian beauty. ^^