lunes, 15 de octubre de 2012

Stripper Raven

Hey guys, here's a commission for BlueDragonKaiser 
who ask me to draw Raven as a stripper and having Robin looking having a shock face. I made a few changes on the description especially on Robin and thought why not making it look too funny and i came with this.

I like how it came out especially when i re-draw everything since the first version wasn't that good in my opinion, enjoy guys :).

8 comentarios:

  1. Nice lil' blog you have here!

    Smexy work here! <3

  2. A good image indeed, the full version is nice and sure Robin facial expressions is the gold of this commission. :D

    the most interesting for ravena is this really hard posture that you bring to this picture my friend(make the view a bit strange if you dont look correctly), her inclination is good and make her body at same time more large and a exotic view.

    good thick legs and a fine breast/nipples too ( a gray nipples is something quite exotic as well).

    good job and commission my friend.

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    Finally! I tagged you begging for a review as the moment I saw this. I was confident it would be a trainwreck, but damnit its so prettyyyy.

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