lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

Starfire 52

Hey guys,
I think this is one my personal favs which Warriorking4ever

Commission  me to draw Starfire in her new 52 outfit with big boobs and that she doesn't feel comfortable with it, i thought it was funny and to be honest i usually like to draw this kinda pics since it reminds me of those old cheesecake pinups and some other works i have seen that shows girls in odd situations.

Anyway DA deleted this because of the obvious reasons where you can't draw a character in a sexy costume or alt. her body to be voluptous, if they are worry so much why add the adult content? Enjoy :).

2 comentarios:

  1. well a nice picture indeedm this starfire picture is very nice with your kind of humor as well with a amazing sexy look without any kind of nudity or appealing.

    nice job on her old outfit that make her even more sexy and more curvy with amazing breast, thick legs and nice ass. I am proud to see and has this picture.:D

    great job my friend.

    man this DA rules really scares me. if they keeping banning sexy caracters in costume and with voluptous body so I am even more scared, my ana is all this and much more. :/

    I quite DA without think twice if DA delete any ana´s picture.